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The Upholstery Academy

A clean simple WordPress theme mirroring the companies clean approach to furniture design.  

A quick trick for forcing the WordPress current menu item without using javascript

This is a quick and easy trick to force current menu item styling on arbitrary menu items without using javascript.

Detailing the custom wordpress select menu walker

In this post we’ll learn about using custom walkers in WordPress’ native navigation menu. We’ll then use that custom walker to output a select menu which is ideal for the main menu on a mobile site or a page specific sub-menu.

Making WordPress select menus with wp_nav

In this tutorial will show you how to modify wp_nav_menu() to create a SELECT menu that’s perfectly suited for mobile sites. I’ll walk through the creation of a custom walker and the code to handle the menu.

Creating breadcrumb menus with wp_nav

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a breadcrumb menu using the output from wp_nav_menu in your WordPress theme. Unlike other plugin-based options, this method allows you to maintain a single menu and use it’s output in multiple places.


Colorplex is a unique, dark Wordpress theme with striking color accents and beautifully fluid motion.

Muse Fitness

Muse Fitness is an elegant full featured wordpress theme with a custom digital download store.

Take That Dance

A vibrant wordpress theme for a mobile dance studio that focuses on bringing dance classes to students.


Avum is a clean, minimal strong WordPress theme.

XML Gallery – Web

A feature filled multi category gallery aplication.

Vida Spa – Print

An airy, relaxing ad campaign that aimed to replicate the calming experience of visiting the spa.

Candy Marie – Web

A flash based site for an up and coming recording artist.

Live Once – Print

In addition to a website, we have worked on several multimedia advertising projects for Live Once.

Live Once – Website

Live Once is a clean, modern Wordpress based website.