Online Consulting

Are you looking to create an online presence for your company? We can guide you through the entire process from registering your domain to setting up hosting to enabling email to designing your website to integrating social media and more; we can make it all effortless. Going from nothing to a fully functional website can be a daunting process for people with no experience, we will guide you through the process ensuring you make the decision that most benefit your business.

Basic Websites

Simple HTML/CSS based websites adhering to all standards. We will design your site, offer various mock-ups, work with you to tweak the mock-ups, then finally code and deploy the site. We can aid you in every step of the process including registering your domain name, setting up web hosting and getting email up and running.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS based website is the next step up from your basic website. A CMS is an application that allows you to keep your website up to date, create new content, upload images and do a host of other things without having to pay someone to maintain your site. With a basic HTML site, doing all of the above requires editing html code and working with FTP servers (this is typically why people without experience hire webmasters). A CMS allows you to do all of this through a simple, easy to use program. If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word you can use a CMS. Our CMS of choice is WordPress, the most popular CMS system on the web. You can watch this video to get a feel of how WordPress functions.

Mobile Websites

We can expertly modify your existing website (or create one from scratch) which is optimized for mobile browsing. With many people using their smart-phones and similar devices to browse the web, websites that can automatically switch to a mobile optimized page are essential for serving these visitors.



Business Cards

We can design you business cards from scratch, or integrate any existing logos and branding that you already have into a new improved business card. If you need help with printing we can also take care of that for you or send the appropriate files to your printer of choice.

Brochures & Mailers

We have plenty of experience working with all types of brochures and mailers. We can design a brochure that will grab the attention of potential customers and help you formulate the content for maximum impact.

Banners & Signage

We have experience with everything from 20ft wide vinyl banners to low resolution digital signs (and everything in between). We can help you create eye catching, effective advertisements for whatever medium you decide to advertise on.